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Farewell from Ms. Huitt

SEM Parents, Students and Community,

It is with a heavy heart that I must bid you all farewell. Although, I am leaving to affect student achievement on a grander scale, my current feelings are bittersweet. My time as the principal of the School of Science and Engineering has come to an end effective October 13, 2017. I will not be far away as I am moving on to become the Executive Director of the Woodrow Wilson/ Townview Feeder Pattern. I will replace our former Executive Director Joe Miniscalco. In this new role I will work closely with principals and other campus administrators within the feeder to provide the best education to all students. I am so thankful to everyone for the support I have received form our community over the past five years.

I fondly remember my first few days at the school of Science and Engineering. I was a nervous new principal with a vision…… I wanted us to be the best in the world. I had no idea how we would do it, but I knew it was a metric that we could achieve. Only a few years later we would be recognized by America Achieves and the OECD PISA for the performance of SEM students in Math, Reading, and Science. This year we were recognized by College Board for the number of AP exams taken and passed in Math and Science by minority students. Not only have we achieved the vision but we have surpassed it. We have one of the best academic programs in the world and we are working every day to make it better. We were only able to get this far because of staff, students, parents and community.

The SEM staff is amazing and selfless, they care so much for our kids. They are here in the morning, they are here late at night and you can find one or more SEM staff cars outside of Townivew on any given weekend for Saturday school tutoring or competitions. They give so much of themselves to this school that at times I worry about them and I have to remind them to take care of family and home. Parents and students remember to be kind to them. Take care of our staff they are second to none and nearly impossible to replace.

Our SEM parents and guardians, are amazing! If I had to describe the best example of parental involvement it would be you! You volunteer at events, donate snacks and drinks for teachers, testing and activities, donate money to support field trips, graduation activities and a host of other things. You spearhead the newsletter, website, yearbook, grant writing and host of other activities and events. We could not do our work without you! Most importantly, with all the school choices available to you including private schools, charter schools, and choices schools among others, you entrusted us with the responsibility of educating your child, thank you for this privilege! Students please be sure thank your parents every day for the sacrifices they make to ensure you have the best education possible. Teachers, remember to thank our parents for their support. They truly do fair amount of work to provide improved opportunities for all students. Our parents and guardians have demonstrated that education is a joint venture between the school and home.

To the SEM extended family and community volunteers, thank you for your donation, of talent, tinder and time. This work is not possible without your support. Thank you for helping our students apply their learning to real world experiences, thank you for helping our students excel in competitions. Most importantly, thank you for serving as a model of a village at work. You make a differences in their lives. In turn, one day they will do the same for some bright eyed child hungry for knowledge. Parents, students and staff please be sure to thank our volunteers and partners for the services and resources they provide each day.

Most importantly, SEM students, it is you I will miss the most. My heart aches when I think of leaving you. You are everything to me and I love you all so much. As the Executive Director, I will be on stage at your graduation, cheering for your accomplishments and your future success. I will be there to support your new principal and I will be on campus to support all Townview principals. I will not be far away from you. Please remember you are unique, energetic, thoughtful, kind, creative, resilient, and passionate. Parents, community members and staff take care of my kids.

You are all awesome and I look forward to continuing to serve and work alongside of you. Thank you all again for being a part of my extended family and for memories that will last a lifetime. I wish you this best with your new principal for he/she is receiving a priceless gift. The SEM legacy will continue.

Warmest Regards,

Tiffany Huitt

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