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SEM's Matthew Callahan Volunteers and Competes with FTC team "7172 Technical Diff

"7172 Technical Difficulties" consists of freshman thru senior students from several Plano high schools who are interested in robotics and want to improve the competition in North Texas.

Matthew got involved with them after competing with the team's coach for many years. Matthew contributes science expertise and programs useful functions for the team.

In the previous season, the team was undefeated all season through the South Super-Regionals and was the only North Texas team to go to worlds.

This year, the team advanced to the South Super-Region from Oklahoma by being on the Winning Alliance and winning the 3rd place Inspire Award.

In the North Texas Region, the team advanced to the Regional Championship by hosting two Qualifying Tournaments. They were undefeated at the Regional and won 3rd place Inspire there as well.

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