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Join the fundraiser!

World's Finest ChocolateWe will be doing a chocolate fundraiser again this year with our SEM students. Last year the students raised over $2,250 doing a chocolate sale! I will be picking up the chocolate on Friday 4/6/18 and running the sale from Monday 4/9 - Friday 4/27.

I will be in front of the SEM office at a table in the mornings on those dates from 8-9 am so that  students can turn in money/check out boxes to sell. The students who participated last year enjoyed selling the chocolate and some earned prizes for selling the most boxes! It was a pretty stiff competition. 

If you would like to help out or have any questions about the sale, let me know.

Mikal Beth Fortenberry
PTSA Fundraising Volunteer
World's Finest Chocolate

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