PTA ReflectionsReflections

Reflections is a National PTA sponsored arts recognition program that encourages artistic expression.  The Reflections theme for 2013 – 2014 is “Believe, Dream, Inspire”.  Use your imagination to create a film, song, artwork, photograph, poem, short story or dance routine.  You may enter as many times as you like in as many categories as you like.  Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form.  Be sure to reflect the theme in your work. 

SEM Deadline to submit:
Tuesday, October 29.

Entries will be judged by knowledgable staff and guests. Names will not be visible on submissions. 20% of our SEM entries will advance to the Trinity Council of PTA, where 30 of theirs will advance to State competiton, and finally 30 of those advance to National competition.

The theme for the 2013 – 2014 National PTA Reflections® program is “Believe, Dream, Inspire.” Only new pieces of artwork inspired by the theme may be submitted.


Literature – Fiction or nonfiction, prose, poetry, drama, or short story (must not exceed 2,000 words or 8 ½ x 11 inches) Download Literature rules.

Visual Arts – Original print, drawing, painting, collage, photographic collage, metal etching or punch work, fiber work, or computer-generated artwork (must be flat, not more than 3/8 inches thick, maximum size 24 x 30 inches including a mat) Download VisualArts rules.

Photography – Original black-and-white or color image, single print or collage (maximum size 11 x 14 inches including a mat) Download Photography rules.

Musical Composition –Voice, instruments or a combination of both, with or without lyrics (maximum time 5 minutes, a CD recording of a performance of the composition should be submitted.)  Download Musical Composition rules.

Dance Choreography – Original dance choreographed by the student with up to 3 dancers. (maximum time 3 minutes, should be submitted on a CD or DVD) Download Dance Choreography rules.

Film Production – Original work, animation, narrative, documentary, experimental, computer-generated (no PowerPoint, maximum time 5 minutes, CD or DVD) Download Film Production rules.

More information can be found on the Texas PTA website.

Chart of Awards Levels
These awards will be announced Monday, November 4, 2013, and repeated at our annual awards night in the Spring.

Award of Excellence

These entries are excellent interpretations of the Reflections theme, exceptionally creative, and executed extremely well. These will advance to the next level.

Top 20%
Award of Merit

These entries are very good interpretations of the Reflections theme, very creative, and executed very well.

Honorable Mention

These entries are good interpretations of the Reflections theme, are creative, and executed nicely.


Every student entry should be recognized for the student having thought about the theme and trying their best to create an entry that interprets it.

All entries not otherwise awarded

2013-14 Results:

Murali Subramanian's Reflections entry has advanced to Texas PTA State level !

January 14, 2014 update:

Murali's Reflections entry, The Sky is Not Blue, has advanced to state-level judging! This is a wonderful achievement as nearly 60,000 students participate in the program annually and less than 3% of those advance to Texas PTA.


Council Reflections Awards

Trinity Council, Northwest Council and Area 14 presented their Reflections Awards on Wednesday, January 29. We are pleased to announce and congratulate the award recipients from Trinity Council PTAs.

Category Award Recipient Grade Division PTA

Overall Award of Excellence - Advancing to Texas PTA

Literature Harper Jones Middle W. E. Greiner
Literature Murali Subramanian Senior Science & Engineering Magnet
Musical Lucija Tacer Senior Talented & Gifted Magnet
Visual Arts Benjamin Vega Middle W.E. Greiner

Award of Execllence

Literature Matthew Gandara Middle W.E. Greiner
Literature Jennifer Zendejas Middle W.E. Greiner
Literature Maya Reddi Senior Talented & Gifted Magnet
Visual Arts Jennifer Tapia Middle W.E. Greiner

Award of Merit

Literature Ji’leea Foley Middle W.E. Greiner
Literature Adriana Hernandez Middle W.E. Greiner

Honorable Mention

Literature Cristina Aquayo Middle W.E. Greiner
Literature Alexandra Tamez Middle W.E. Greiner
Literature Madison DeWitt Middle W.E. Greiner

Please note: We would have loved to have given more awards and to have advanced more entries to the Trinity Council and therefore to Texas PTA. However, just one SEM submission was received and only three PTAs in Trinity Council participated and all of the entries were in just two categories: literature and visual arts. Next year, we would love to have more SEM students participate in more categories so more students can be recognized for their artwork.

Thank you to Marti Baker for serving as Council Reflections Chair this year. If you are interested in heading this program for next year, please let Nora Mercado know, as our 2014-15 elections are coming soon.