Order a yearbook!

Please bring your 2017-19 "cover" ideas to meetings!

The 2017-18 Yearbook Committee

The 2017-18 Yearbook work has begun in earnest.
The committee meets every Tuesday in Ms. Tangman's room after school
Please bring your laptops for a working meeting... as we will be building pages weekly during our meeting as well as on your own at home.

October Schedule:

Year book Club Meets October 17 and 31st.
Ms. Tangman's room 134B after school.

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Using texting on your cell phone....
send a text message to 81010
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Pictavo Accounts

If you do not have an account set up for Pictavo please send Ms. Zinn (lizzyzinn@gmail.com) your email address and grade level.

Take GREAT pictures, Edit them, ID them, File them in our working files on www.Pictavo.com.

Stephanie Tangman, SEM English Teacher
Lizzy Zinn - PTSA Parent Volunteer
Kim Chow - PTSA Parent Volunteer
Marianne Leclerc, PTSA Parent Volunteer.

Contact: Stephanie Tangman