PISA ReportHow does SEM Compare Internationally?

SEM ranks first in Reading/Math, and Second in Science - in the WORLD!

PISA results are based on  a random sample of 85 of our 2013-2014 15 year olds.

Parents, teachers, principals and administrators who are engaged in the running of schools and education systems need reliable information to assess how well their schools prepare students for life. Most monitor students’ learning in order to make this assessment. But in a global economy, the measurement of educational success can no longer be based on national standards alone. Comparisons also need to be made with the best-performing schools and education systems internationally. International benchmarking and crosscountry comparisons can help to better understand whether the younger generation is well equipped with the skills needed in today’s globalized world. They can also offer guidance for governments, administrations and schools on the policies required to catch up with the best performers.

The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has evaluated the quality, equity and efficiency of school systems in over 70 countries that, together, make up nine-tenths of the world economy. In PISA 2012, 65 countries and economies participated. PISA represents a commitment to monitor the outcomes of education systems regularly within an internationally agreed framework and to provide a basis for global collaboration in defining and implementing educational policies.

This report provides results from the OECD Test for Schools, together with examples of strategies, policies and practices from education systems around the world to support critical reflection and encourage school staff and local educators to look beyond their classrooms in search of national and global excellence. The OECD stands ready to support all those involved in delivering “better policies for better schools and better lives.”

Read the PISA Report.
Read the results listed by Country - Illustrates SEM First in Reading & Math, Second in Science.