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New Feature!

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Cathy writes: "I want to emphasize the fantastic opportunity SEM is for the kids who can handle academic challenges. My son has never been happier in school, and that is because he is challenged, and finally he can "drive without the brakes on" constantly academically.  Not good for all kids,but it fits our kids."

Marianne writes: My fondest SEM memory so far is...   "My child's pure joy when her SAT Math score came back a "perfect" 800, and then a month later when her three SAT Subject tests (in Physics, Chemistry, Math2) EACH came back at a "perfect" 800!  Pure joy that she can work as hard as she does and her classmates accept her so totally.  I love the way each child is accepted for their own quirkiness and talents... there's no holding back... love it!"   These kids are so supportive of each other... its amazing to experience."

Contact: Marianne Leclerc, PTSA Vice President of Communications