P.E. Credit

DISD Athletics Department allows P.E. credit for certain sports from your home school - meaning the public high school you would attend by default if you didn't attend SEM.


  • Only sports at DISD schools are accepted, other school districts are excluded.
  • There is no charge for this benefit.
  • A teacher of record must sign the grade change form, and as of 2012 all DISD coaches must be a teacher of record.
  • SEM is not offering a Club Sport Option.
  • SEM will not make the credit retroactive.

The DISD grade change form is to be completed and turned into SEM office 5 days before the end of each six-weeks grading period or the resulting six weeks grade will be a “0”.

PE forms are available below:

* ignore the 1st/2nd/3rd Six Weeks dates - its the same form.  Nothing changes - we go by the date entered by the teacher. - Tiffany Huitt, Principal

Contact: Tracy Waters, 2015-16 Sponsor