Bus Information

2017-18 Bus Schedule

Note: The 2016-17 Bus Schedule has been released.
Please view pdf.

DISD provides school buses from most Dallas High School Campuses to Townview.
Please note that tweaks can be made to this schedule during the first 2-3 weeks of school as ridership becomes known. For the most up-to-date information... go to the DISD site directly.

Activity Bus:
We have Buses that leave the school an hour later (5:30 pm) and are called "Activity Buses". This allows students to stay after school for various reasons, club meetings, etc.   A student will need to obtain a pass from the teacher they have stayed late with in order to ride the "late" activity bus.
Activity busses do not run every day of the school year... and especially not on Fridays. 
Please view the 2017-18 pdf activity bus schedule here.

We will post any updated schedules we receive here, but you should also check the DISD site directly.