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Hot News:

Laptop Program
- now distributing!


  • If the parent has already attended a laptop program training session, they may sign and send the paperwork package with their child to school.  Their name will be verified from attendance sheets.
  • $56 for laptop insurance OR proof of homeowners insurance covering the laptop (specified).
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Note: If a parent has not attended the training sessions, please contact the office. 
Laptop Paperwork Package - English
Laptop Paperwork Package - Spanish

AMC/Interstellar Math Madness News: Science/Engineering outscores Maret, Washington, DC

They've done it again. These 20 amazing students competed Wednesday against the Maret School, Washington, DC.
SEM racked up 26 points overall on Wednesday against Maret's 20. This was not a live competition since the two schools are in different time zones. Maret competed on Friday.
SEM currently sits at position 86 for the top 5 players, and at position 68 for the top 20 players, among 500 participating schools.
We've got a great team this year. Wish them well as they move deeper into the season.

  • Raviraj Rege
  • Tahj Roy
  • Yash Chandak
  • Gaurachandra Das
  • Ben Lawrence
  • Yosiah Fetahi
  • Sumedh Tadimeti
  • Alejandro Posada
  • Rachel Clinger
  • Arpan Kaphle
  • Victor Diaz
  • Yu-Wen Hsu
  • Mahesh Ramgopal
  • Miguel Fraire
  • Amanda Blewett
  • Darshan Patel
  • Jayesh Sharma
  • Maximo Mateo
  • Christian Saldana
  • Janavi Chadha

ReflectionsReflections is now a PTA Member benefit

The Reflections program is open to all SEM students if the student or at least one person from their primary household is a current member of our SEM PTA before submitting an entry.

The 2015-2016 Reflections theme is Let Your Imagination Fly.

Deadline extended to Friday, Nov 13!

Reflections is PTA's signature arts program.  Reflections provides opportunities for students to create art for fun and recognition. Students are encouraged to create and submit works of art in six areas: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts (which includes drawing, painting, print making, and collage).

Entries are judged at the local, council, state and national PTA levels.

To learn more visit the PTSA Reflections page.

2015-16 Family Registration!

Our PTSA is again using an online registration system this year. Parents are able to do the following:

Family Registration Starts Here...


Quick News:


SEM website update

Look forward to a VASTLY improved calendar function, as well as sub-sites being available for our newly formed SEM Foundation, and each teacher, club, or activity on campus.

We will also give voice to Townview "Shared Services" who don't have easy website access to feature their content. You'll soon be able to read about the library, attendance office, infirmary, central room bookings, vending machines, Townview policies and calendar, band, orchestra, ROTC, art, nursery school, etc.

The website,,  will become more of a PTSA website linked from this website - maintaining the easy volunteer forms for events, selling of spirit gear & PTSA memberships, accepting donations, and maintaining our family directory.  So... the two websites will work jointly together to complement each other.

Please contact our webmaster should you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns or would like to be in the web group carrying out these improvements.

Thank you for your patience as we move to improve your on-line experience.

- PTSA Communications